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About Bridge City Blades

At Bridge City Blades, we are passionate about historical European martial arts, embracing rich traditions with dedication and excellence. Our community fosters respect, trust, and camaraderie as students learn, challenge themselves, and celebrate achievements. Skill acquisition in swordplay is the direct goal of Bridge City Blades. Safety is paramount, with structured training guided by experienced instructors. Whether diving into history, spirited competition, or the thrill of swordplay, our welcoming club empowers you on a remarkable journey of martial development. We encourage lifelong learning, offering classes that balance historical knowledge, technical skills, and physical conditioning. We believe in making martial arts accessible to all. Explore our financial aid options! Join us and unlock your potential in a supportive, authentic, and enjoyable HEMA experience.


My name is Andy Plymate (I have a cat)

I've been involved in HEMA since 2018 focusing on Italian tradition sword-fighting. I strive to make learning and mastering the art of swordsmanship easy and enjoyable, and nothing is more satisfying than seeing that "aha!" moment light up in a student's eyes. I believe that growth is the product of many small steps.

"Remember it's a marathon, not a race"

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